The fascination of wine

A journey to the heart of the Mediterranean and to this corner of Sicily imbued with the Baroque and the sea, means encountering surprises at every stop, a legend at every step. And so it is with the fascinating practice of wine, and our doors are open for you to discover it. Our vineyards, the winery and the old pressing room are now also where we welcome our guests.

Villa Maggio

Villa Maggio, in the heart of the ancient fiefdom of Santa Teresa, is a place where you can walk in the footsteps of history. Wine has been of foremost importance in this region since the dawn of time and you can find out how it is developing today with us as enthusiastic proponents. The large farmhouse, which bears the date 1697 on it lintels, has always been clustered about by the small houses and wine cellars of the vineyard workers who once tended these fields. They have become a vital part of our winery, along with the large house where guests can take part in wine ceremonies, the conviviality enjoyed around the table, and our family’s and our region’s tradition of hospitality.

Pressing room

We have restored the old pressing room, preserving the vestiges of the people who have made wine here over the centuries with the same passion as we do today. The Cato wine press in the middle of the Pressing Room is a traditional beam press with lever action that has been used to press grapes here since Roman times, since the first century AD. You only have to pass your hands over its stones to feel the close ancestral bond that has existed between the land and wine since the dawn of time.

Barrel room

What was once the estate’s warehouse is now our barrel room, a veritable temple of wine. This is were we lay down some of our wines, those we have chosen to undergo this silent, hallowed process, allowing them to develop slowly over time. Discover the secrets of winemaking as we take a little walk together among the barrels.

Oil mill

The old houses around the Pettineo Vineyard are also places you can now visit.
Families lived in close proximity here for decades, giving each other a helping hand in small-scale wine production, sharing a cellar, barrel room and oil mill. Their stories imbue our wines with memories and we like to share them with everyone who comes to visit.

Pay us a visit

The visits, the tasting techniques, the typical regional dishes the wines compliment, the public grape picking and the events are all occasions to be seized to learn more about Maggio wines.



Our doors are open so you can discover how our wines are made

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