Massimo Maggio
Wines of the Cerasuolo di Vittoria region will also feature in the second edition of the SudEst Wine Fest, to be held from tomorrow 4th to Sunday 6th September in Syracuse, in the ancient market of Ortigia. After the success of the first edition, this prestigious event is back to celebrate once again the three wines roads in south-eastern Sicily: the Etna, the Val di Noto and the Cerasuolo di Vittoria. In addition to classic tastings open to everyone, there will be guided workshops organised by ONAV (National Association of Wine Tasters), a blind tasting for the visually impaired organised by Sicilia Turismo per Tutti (Sicily Tourism for Everyone), and a special tasting held in English. Jazz concerts and other cultural events are also on the programme. But the stars will be the wines and top quality fine foods from this corner of Sicily. The Consortium for the Protection of Cerasuolo di Vittoria will also be taking part in the event. “As a consortium of producers from the south-east of the island – says Massimo Maggio, President of the Cerasuolo Consortium – we could not allow our wines to miss this important wine event taking place a few days before the beginning of the grape harvest in the Vittoria area, a harvest that promises to be more than good. Our commitment, as always, is not only to produce well, but also to raise awareness and promote our beautiful region, from which we get such excellent wines. And that’s why we are pleased to offer everyone coming to the SudEst Wine Fest a chance to taste our wines on Saturday and Sunday evening from 6.30 pm”.